Seismic Expansion Joints

MaxBuild is one of New Zealand’s leading installers of Bridge Joints and Seismic Joints.

Whether it’s installation of seismic joints as part of a new infrastructure project, or replacement of a damaged seismic joint in existing infrastructure, our team of experienced installers can recommend, design, and implement a high quality solution to meet the required standards

Providing timely solutions and designs for each bespoke joint condition

Our team of joint installers can manage the entire process from the scoping and design phase through to implementation. Working closely with the steel fabricators, suppliers, and the client, our team ensures a successful result every time.

MaxBuild’s flexible working hours means installation or replacement of seismic joints can be undertaken outside of peak usage times. We work with our clients to develop a schedule of work that minimises disruption to their asset.

If unforeseen factors occur once the existing joints are exposed, MaxBuild’s installers have the ability to adapt the design to the bespoke joint conditions. Our team will find a workable solution onsite, mindful of the strict time conditions that are typically associated with motorway closures required for infrastructure projects or repairs. 

Experienced and trained installers of industry leading seismic joints

MaxBuild’s experienced team include factory trained and experienced installers.

When selecting the appropriate seismic or bridge joint for a structure, a number of factors must be taken into consideration: the exposure conditions, expected dynamic movement, vehicular traffic, seismic conditions, and regional or location needs.

Additionally, it’s important that the design is suitable for the existing structure and that once installed, it will meet the local compliance standards required.

Our staff have extensive knowledge and will select the best joint system for your project, ensuring the structural integrity and performance of your asset is maintained.

MaxBuild has installed seismic joints on a number of bridges for Auckland Motorway Alliance and for other local authorities. We also offer the same bridge joint and seismic joint installation services in Fiji.

Strict QA documentation and Health and Safety procedures

At MaxBuild, we regularly train our personnel to incorporate best practice within our areas of expertise. Our employees are also trained to not only meet but exceed the industry standards for health and safety. We only use tried and tested products from recognised suppliers, such as Wabo for seismic joints, to ensure high quality outcomes for every project.

Seismic Joints vs Bridge Joints

Seismic joints, or expansion joint systems, are essential to absorb the natural movement of structures caused by temperature changes, earthquakes and wind. Seismic joints are designed to absorb traffic impact loads and evenly disperse them into the bridge deck, while allowing the system to flex with deck loads.

Typically, seismic joints can handle larger movements caused by other factors, apart from the normal cyclic temperature related, shrinking and expanding of structures that bridge joints can handle. Larger movements can be caused by ground settlement or seismic events (earthquakes).

The unique features of a seismic joint:

  • Can handle the rapid acceleration related to a seismic event.
  • Is multi-directional (i.e. can accommodate vertical movement or lateral shear).
  • Has much wider movement range than regular joints. Almost all seismic joints have a range of +/- 50% for a total of 100% movement.
  • Returns to normal after the seismic event - self centering bar mechanisms are often incorporated.

Sealant technology has evolved a lot over recent years. MaxBuild are experienced installers of flexible and expanding sealants and can advise on the various options available.

MaxBuild has installed seismic joints on the following bridges:

  • Summerhill Road Bridge (Palmerston North)
  • Central Park Drive (Henderson, Auckland)
  • Grafton Bridge Two (Auckland)
  • Takanini Bridge (Auckland)
  • Victoria Park Market Bridge (Auckland)
  • Redoubt Road Bridge (Auckland)