Culvert Repair & Maintenance

Culvert repair & maintenance services 

Maxbuild specialises in culvert remediation from relining old armaco culvert to concrete repair and corrosion remediations.

If severe weather events threaten the integrity of culverts, Maxbuild can utilise several remediation methods to repair the damage. Note: If diversion of a stream or creek is required then a scope of works will be needed.

Before any repair however, we will make an assessment and evaluation of the structure in question. This starts with proper inspection, along with a key understanding of the features of the culvert type and materials used. If required, we will reline the culvert or repair the culvert through concrete remediation taking into account all environmental protection considerations.

MaxBuild’s recent culvert repair and maintenance projects include:

Concrete repairs to inside of:
-Paremuka Culvert
-Silvermoon Culvert
-Rosedale Culvert