PU & Epoxy Resin Injection

Concrete Crack Repair

Whether it’s concrete cracking that has occurred unexpectedly during new construction or an existing structure with cracking due to loading, impact, or seismic events, your concrete cracks need to be resolved urgently.

What causes concrete to crack?

Concrete is a widely used material in the construction of buildings and infrastructure. There are multiple reasons why concrete cracking occur. Some of the reasons are: shrinkage, loading, excess water in the mix, rapid drying of the concrete and lack of control joints.

Unexpected concrete cracks resolved urgently to protect your project dates

Concrete cracks that occur during new construction can cause significant project management issues. When concrete cracks occur these must be resolved urgently as the time required for concrete curing can significantly impact project dates which in turn costs the project money.

MaxBuild can urgently repair any cracks that occur during the installation of concrete in your new construction projects to ensure project dates and budget are protected.

Known concrete cracks repaired urgently to protect your building or structure

Even with careful preparation and installation, almost all concrete will develop cracks at some point, even when new, due to the second category of external factors that can cause concrete cracking. 

When concrete cracking occurs due to external factors or events, the risk of further damage to the structural integrity of your structure is increased significantly. Cracks allow more moisture to penetrate the structure and cause further damage and corrosion of structural reinforcement. Timely concrete crack repair will reduce the damage and ensure the safety of your building or structure.

Water stopping resin injections

The method of concrete crack repair depends on whether the cracks are structural or non structural and whether they are static or dynamic. MaxBuild can undertake concrete structural investigation of cracked concrete to determine the extent and type of the cracks.

Concrete crack repair methods include epoxy resin injection, surface sealing and conversion of cracks to joints. Where cracks are exposed to water MaxBuild is able to inject foaming polyurethane resins that stop water flow through the cracked concrete.

Crack injection is a commonly used method to stabilize and repair cracked concrete, waterproof concrete structures, and to restore the structural integrity of and repair degraded concrete structures. MaxBuild uses epoxy, gel or polyurethane based injection systems solutions from major local and international suppliers.

The injection process involves inserting multiple “injection ports” at specifically calculated distances into the length of the fracture and filling the fracture with epoxy, gel or polyurethane resin. This repairs concrete architecturally without any of the unsightly surface marks caused by standard surface crack repairs.

Approved and experienced installers of crack injection & sealant technology

Sealant technology has evolved a lot over recent years. MaxBuild are approved installers for Sikadur crack injection systems and all of the major epoxy suppliers in New Zealand. We work closely with our local and international suppliers to offer a range of high performance concrete crack repair solutions. Our installers have experience choosing the right injection materials for each unique situation and will advise on the various options available to ensure the best outcome for your project.

Crack injection is commonly used method to stabilize and repair cracked concrete. Injection involves inserting multiple “injection ports” at specifically calculated distances into the length of the fracture and filling the fracture with epoxy, gel or polyurethane resin.

Talk to MaxBuild for all your concrete strengthening and repair needs

MaxBuild also performs a full list of other concrete repair and strengthening services, including concrete waterproofing, and FRP application. From residential and commercial buildings to bridge jointing, MaxBuild has solutions for concrete crack repair that will increase the strength and durability of your structure.

Contact MaxBuild today to protect the longevity and structural integrity of your concrete structures.