Concrete Repair

MaxBuild are New Zealand’s Concrete Repair Specialists

Concrete deterioration can occur due to age, cover issues, chloride ingress, overloading, structural damage, exposure to natural elements, seismic activity or a range of other reasons.

Whether it’s existing concrete or new concrete, concrete repair solutions need to be timely and high quality to ensure the repair is long-lasting and the structure’s integrity is protected. MaxBuild are experts in a range of concrete repair solutions to suit any project or situation. No matter what the situation, we can help. 

Concrete Structural Investigation

MaxBuild’s concrete repair experts can undertake concrete structural investigations during the scoping phase of the job to fully understand and determine the damage or deterioration of concrete. After an initial assessment and analysis of the structure, MaxBuild can advise and recommend on the best solution for the individual needs of the client.

Concrete repair – Spalled concrete

Where concrete repair is required due to steel reinforcement corrosion, we undertake structural concrete repairs to the EN1504 standard. This involves saw cutting around the repair, cutting back behind the steel reinforcement, reinforcement priming and reinstating the repair with a compatible mortar. Reinstatement is usually by hand placing with a pre-bagged repair mortar for re-casting using a fluid micro-concrete. In most cases we use products certified to EN1504

Large volume concrete repairs – Wet spraying and gunite

Where spall repairs are large, MaxBuild can undertake structural concrete repair more cost effectively by spraying the mortar into place. Our concrete specialists can wet spray the premixed mortars that we use for hand patching or we can use a dry spray gunite mix. These give better compaction and durability and are more cost effective over large areas.

Crack concrete repair - Resin injection and sealing installation

The method employed for concrete crack repair depends on whether the cracks are structural or non structural and whether they are static or dynamic. MaxBuild’s concrete repair specialists will investigate the existing cracks and use their extensive product knowledge and experience to find the best solution for the best outcome. 

Concrete crack repair methods include epoxy resin injection, surface sealing and conversion of cracks to joints. For wet cracks out trained installers are able to inject foaming polyurethane resins that stop water flow through the cracked concrete.

Floor Joint Repair

Most concrete floors have construction joints. Floor construction joints are designed and positioned to allow movement and to control cracks in the concrete floor.

Hard wheels and heavy impact loads from machinery and materials handling equipment can damage the floor joint edges.

Damaged floor joints can decrease operational efficiency, as well as increase maintenance costs of machinery and materials handling equipment and can become a major safety issue.

MaxBuild’s concrete repair technicians use a process developed over years of experience to ensure repairs are carried out in a timely manner, with minimal disruption to the ongoing operations. Where necessary, MaxBuild will carry out the repairs outside of operational hours for the least inconvenience and reduction of income for the business.

Precast Panel Repair or Replacement

MaxBuild can repair existing precast median panels or assist in the installation of new pre-cast panels. Our experienced project management team can streamline the process by developing and managing a programme for the removal of the existing panels, fabrication and installation of the new precast panels.

Concrete repair specialists for NZ commercial building and structures

MaxBuild is a specialist concrete repair contractor operating throughout the North Island of NZ. From our Auckland offices and depot we repair concrete and masonry on bridges, wharfs, culverts and commercial buildings. Although most of our concrete repair work is on existing structures, we also repair defects during new construction projects.

We also offer the same concrete repair services in Fiji. From our Fiji office we typically repair concrete for bridge maintenance and wharf repair.