Concrete Protective Coatings

Dilapidated coatings, water ingress issues and concrete cover issues require protective coating to prolong the lifespan of your asset. If left untreated, extensive deterioration will require concrete repair.

Maxbuild is a market leader in the industry, with proven experience working closely with building owners, councils, government organisations and body corporates to extend the longevity of their assets.

Our experienced team are trained and approved applicators in leading protective coatings and have extensive product knowledge to find the right solution for your project. We pride ourselves on our strenuous QA procedures and documentation to ensure the highest quality outcome for our clients. All our work is covered by our workmanship guarantee.

MaxBuild has flexibility around working times to create as little inconvenience as possible to the use of your asset. Our team can implement solutions to minimise or prevent impact to the surrounding environment.

Our skilled technicians have extensive experience in preparation and application of protective coatings in residential, commercial and infrastructure environments. 

Plaster Systems

Choosing a team of experienced exterior plasterers for your project is important to ensure the best processes and products are used for your project’s individual needs. MaxBuild have a team of experienced traditional solid plasterers and are also approved Sto plaster systems applications.

Solid Plaster

Plaster cladding is the protective barrier between a building’s frame and the elements. Specific maintenance and small corrective work is required to help prevent leaks. Where deterioration or damage has occurred, more extensive repairs may be required.

MaxBuild’s team of experienced solid plasters have over 25 years of experience in exterior plaster systems and have developed a process to provide high quality plaster cladding repairs and maintenance solutions.

MaxBuild has built relationships with local and international plaster systems suppliers to ensure we can find the right products to create the best outcome for our customers. 

Epoxy coatings

MaxBuild works closely with Sika, Mapei & Concrete Plus to supply and install durable long lasting epoxy floor coatings for the industrial and commercial markets.

Car Park Coatings

Car parks are high trafficked areas exposed to daily wear and tear and exposure to a number of harsh conditions. Application of a protective coating protects the concrete surface from wear and moisture damage and improves the safety and durability of the surface.

MaxBuild’s team of specialists can assess and recommend a protective coating for the unique needs of your car parking area.

MaxBuild’s concrete protection services include the application of surface coating and treatment systems to protect concrete surfaces and infrastructure from water ingress, chlorides and carbonation.

Reinforced concrete structures are built to last for many generations. However, concrete structures often face a wide range of exposure conditions that may cause natural deterioration, damage such as spalling of the outer concrete layers, and reinforcement corrosion over time.

The threats that concrete structures face will depend on their location - from normal atmospheric carbonation and water ingress to more aggressive coastal environments.

Concrete deterioration causes serious structural integrity problems for many structures ranging from small residential buildings to large commercial buildings and civil structures. MaxBuild are experts at repairing any current damage to concrete structures and preventative maintenance such as concrete protective systems to increase the longevity and future structural integrity of a structure.

Concrete Protection Treatments & Surface Coatings

The durability of reinforced concrete can be significantly improved through the application of appropriate surface coatings and treatments. Protective surface coatings and treatments can be used to provide protection to the concrete itself and the steel reinforcement of the structure by reducing or preventing the infiltration or penetration of natural substances such as carbon dioxide, chlorides and water.

Hydrophobic Impregnations

Hydrophobic impregnations are a special concrete protection solution that penetrate and impregnate the concrete surface to provide optimum protection from ingress of water and water-dissolved contaminants such as chlorides. This treatment does not change the aesthetic appearance of the concrete surface. Hydrophobic treatments provide one of the most effective concrete protection measures against harmful substances dissolved in water from entering the surface of the concrete.

Acrylic Coatings

Acrylic coatings create a thin film on the concrete surface, drying quickly to reduce downtime. They are used for a variety of concrete surfaces and are available in both water-based and solvent solutions. Acrylic coatings protect concrete surfaces from UV rays while providing standard protection against staining, water, and chlorine intrusion. Acrylic coatings are also ideal for high traffic areas as they provide the highest resistance to surface stains. Acrylic coatings can also provide a decorative appearance as opposed to preserving the natural concrete look.

Crack Bridging Coatings

Crack bridging coatings are used to bridge static and dynamic cracks in concrete substrate where there are already cracks present, or to prevent cracks from occurring in the future. Crack bridging also provides waterproofing to the concrete surface to prevent moisture ingress and protect from carbonation due to anti-carbonation properties of the coating.

Our recent projects where surface coatings were applied to reinforced concrete include:

  • University of Auckland B402 for Argon Construction – a hydrophobic impregnation, Sikagard-740W, was applied over repaired and re-profiled concrete to enhance the durability
  • Otahuhu Bus Train Interchange – a hydrophobic impregnation, Sikagard-706 Thixo, was applied to enhance the durability of a reinforced concrete building
  • Tuakau Bridge – a crack bridging coating, Sikagard-550 Elastic, was applied over the structure to prevent the ingress of chlorides and carbon dioxide and to improve the appearance
  • Painting of Pioneer Bridge, Henderson