Our services involve Civil, Commercial & Residential construction for both existing structures and new projects

Structural & seismic strengthening


MaxBuild work directly with property owners as a Structural and Seismic Strengthening
contractor. We operate as a structural and seismic strengthening contractor for commercial and infrastructure projects throughout New Zealand.

  • Seismic Assessment (ISA)
  • Textile Reinforced Mortars (TRM) 
  • Carbon Fibre Strengthening (FRP) 
  • Glass Fibre Wraps (GFW) 
  • Helifix Anchors for brickwork
  • Column Confinement
  • Diaphragm Floors
  • Structural Steel
  • Ground Anchoring
Concrete Investigations


MaxBuild provide concrete scanning and structural investigation services to clients from commercial properties to civil structures. MaxBuild use industry best technology for concrete scanning to see into concrete and provide useful information to clients to make important decisions.

We work with structural engineers, building contractors, asset owners and local authorities.

  • Concrete scanning
  • Concrete investigation
  • Concrete testing
  • Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)
  • Ultrasonic Pulse Echo & Velocity 
  • Half-Cell Potential testing 
  • Impact Echo
  • Pull-off testing
Seismic expansion joints


MaxBuild is a leading installer of Bridge Joints and Seismic Joints in New Zealand and has installed more bridge joints in the Auckland area than any other contractor. Our staff are trained applicators of BASF & Emseal expansion and bridge joints installation. We repair existing seismic joints and bridge joints across Auckland and the wider North Island, New Zealand.

  • Expansion Joints
  • Seismic Joints
  • Bridge Joints
  • Architectural Joints


MaxBuild is one of New Zealand’s leading bridge maintenance and repair contractors. We maintain NZTA and Local Authority bridges throughout New Zealand and offer the same services in Fiji. In Auckland, we work closely with the regional maintenance contractors to maintain bridges managed by Auckland Transport.

  • Installation of Bridge Joints
  • Installation of Bridge Joints
  • Handrail & Guard Rail Replacement
  • Protective Coatings
  • Concrete Repairs
  • Minor Civil Works
  • Crack Repairs
  • All aspects of bridge maintenance
Concrete repair


MaxBuild are concrete repair specialists with a track record of experience in masonry and concrete repair on bridges, wharfs, culverts and commercial buildings. Although most of our concrete repair work is carried out on existing structures, we also repair defects that occur during new construction projects. MaxBuild has the experience, knowledge, expertise and supplier relationships to ensure timely solutions of the highest quality.

  • Spalling Concrete repair
  • Concrete Grinding
  • Floor Joint Repair
  • Precast Panel Repairs
  • Historic Refurbishment
  • Shotcrete
  • Drycrete
Resin injection


MaxBuild are approved installers for all of the major epoxy and polyurethane suppliers in New Zealand and are experienced and trained in the full range of concrete crack repair methods including epoxy resin injection

  • Crack Investigation and Assessment
  • Epoxy Injection
  • Gel Injection+
  • Polyurethane Resin Injection
  • Sealant Installation
Concrete protection


MaxBuild are experienced applicators of surface coatings and treatments for concrete buildings, concrete car park decks, and bridges. MaxBuild applies acrylic coatings, surface applied corrosion inhibitors and hydrophobic impregnations to provide protection to the concrete itself as well as the steel reinforcement. MaxBuild also applies concrete protection solutions to repaired concrete to enhance durability and improve the appearance of the structure.

MaxBuild offers various protective coatings to prolong the lifespan of residential and commercial assets, and infrastructure. Our skilled applicators are well positioned to assist with the protection of your assets.

  • Hydrophobic Impregnations
  • Acrylic Coatings
  • Crack Bridging Coatings
  • Solid Plaster
  • STO Plaster
  • Epoxy Coatings
  • Steel Protection
  • Car Park Coatings


MaxBuild are experienced in all aspects of grouting, whether it is to provide a stable platform for machinery through or for under bridge bearing pads, we can assist you.

MaxBuild can undertake large or small projects where screeding or self-leveling floor toppings are required.

  • Grouting – Cementitious & Epoxy
  • Floor Screeding
  • Dry Packing
  • Druspak grouting
  • Void filling grout


Waterproofing solutions for residential development and infrastructure projects including balconies, decks, tunnels, bridges, and basements. MaxBuild is solution-orientated to ensure that the structural integrity and resilience of your structure is protected from water ingress. Our trained applicators and approved installers have a wealth of experience and product knowledge and follow strict QA documentation processes to ensure you receive the best outcome for your project. MaxBuild is a Sika and Mapei approved installer.

  • Waterproofing of Construction and Movement joints
  • Crack Leak Sealing with Resin Injections
  • Installation of Waterproof Membranes
Culvert repairs

Culvert Repairs & Maintenance

MaxBuild specialises in culvert remediation from relining old armaco culvert to concrete repairs and corrosion remediations.

If severe weather events threaten the integrity of culverts, MaxBuild can utilise several remediation methods to repair the damage. Note: If diversion of a stream or creek is required then a scope of works will be needed.

Before any repair however, we will make an assessment and evaluation of the structure in question. This starts with proper inspection, along with a key understanding of the features of the culvert type and materials used. If required, we will reline the culvert or repair the culvert through concrete remediation taking into account all environmental protection considerations.

  • Relining of culvert
  • Concrete remediation
  • Environmental protection

FRP Strengthening

MaxBuild are licensed applicators of Fosroc and Mapei products. All our FRP strengthening solutions are engineered, specified and installed to solve a host of structural deficiencies or demands in existing structures.

As part of MaxBuild’s FRP Strengthening solution we will perform a Seismic Assessment (ISA) to determine the structural integrity of the structure. We then use Textile Reinforced Mortars (TRM), Carbon Fibre Strengthening (FRP), Glass Fibre Wraps (GFW) , or if brickwork is required then Helifix Anchors as may be required.

For buildings at risk of collapse due to earthquakes or seismic activity we FRP strengthen by column confinement. Likewise, we can add diaphragm floors to strengthen the structural elements with steel.

We can also provide expert ground anchoring geo-technical solutions for difficult projects.

  • Seismic Assessment (ISA)
  • (TRM) Textile Reinforced Mortars
  • (FRP) Carbon Fibre Strengthening
  • (GFW) Glass Fibre Wraps
  • Helifix Anchors for brickwork
  • Column Confinement
  • Diaphragm Floors
  • Structural Steel
Leaky basement repairs

Leaky Basement Repairs

Maxbuild has worked on numerous leaky basements over the last 15 years using polyurethane injection and cementitious coatings as our primary methods to stop leaks.

If you have a leaky basement, we can assess the damage and prescribe the most appropriate remedy whether that be water stop measures, damp proofing of damp walls, or basement waterproofing using PU injection.

Whatever the problem with your leaky basement, we have the solution for you.

  • Leaky Basement
  • Water Stop
  • Damp Proofing
  • Damp Walls
  • PU Injection
  • Basement Waterproofing

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