The Challenges

Seismic strengthening of Auckland fish market in Wynyard Quarter was undertaken by installing steel portal frames and Reid bracing. Maxbuild was employed as the specialist seismic strengthening contractor to undertake these works. We supplied and installed the steel portal frames and undertook all of the concrete repair works.

The project presented significant challenges. For example, access constraints limited the ability to transport large steel sections to where they needed to be installed. In addition, the building’s timber floors were unsuitable for heavy lifting machinery. The practicalities of installing the steel in an old existing building also presented buildability and durability issues.

Maxbuild’s experience and innovative thinking enabled us to work with the Engineer to make changes to the project that did not compromise the performance of the strengthening system whilst improving the work program and without impacting on costs. This included alterations to connection details and improvements to grouting and anchoring designs.

Project Description

Location:Wynyard Quarter Viaduct, Auckland